The Houses

The Solitary Interpreter

The Solitary Interpreter was the original title of this web-page. It was, initially, a series of letters detailing my progress and feelings while trying to enter an interpreting career. I have since concluded that the language arts do not translate directly into a specific career, but rather are integral to a variety of career paths. Whether you teach language, are part of an organization, work in a civil service career, are military or national security, or even run a private business, being bilingual can enhance your experience. We linguists often find ourselves alone in our masochistic love of words.

Man In China

The Man In China will bring to you a variety of stories regarding travelling, living and working in China, and related musings and observations on culture and who knows what else. Currently there is a series on teaching English.

The Celadon Temple

The Celadon Temple will present various explorations in the world of tea, specifically Chinese teas. There is currently a series on an attempt at starting a tea company. Celadon is a type of porcelain of a jade-green color, often used for tea-ware.

The Commons

This house is where all the houses meet, and occasional visitors are allowed to mingle.

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