Wednesday, 2 October, 2013

My Dear Reader,

As of Saturday, September 7, I have been unemployed. I’m on a new path, a professional path. It may start small, but it will grow big, I suspect. Previously, I was working for an employer, who, from my perspective, cared not for her business, but rather for her salary. This is unfortunate, and I do not intend to fall into the same trap.

My life takes a new turn here, I am at yet another crossroads. I seem to be done with the plans of government service, and with the tea trade. Now, I’m on to language, literature, and culture. With my background in health science, and in language, it is my hope to start things off as a medical interpreter, that is, a professional who specializes in consecutive oral translation in the medical setting. This is not easy.

It is the fourth week since I left my job. I need to find an income, sooner rather than later. I’ve spent the last three weeks preparing for interpreting. I’ve been rigorously reviewing and studying my written and spoken Mandarin and my interpreter training manual, as well as researching avenues to make my way into the field. This week, week four, I began walking into clinics with a pile of resumes, asking about work or volunteer opportunities. So far, this has been useful only in the information obtained, but no field work has been found.

On a more personal note, I have, recently, learned something important. Something enlightening. I have, over the past few years, learned to care too much. I’m not sure when this started happening, I think it was some sort of bizarre after effect of the human relationships I experienced while living abroad. My caring causes me to be more cautious, and more nervous. This is good. It’s good to care, but it’s not good to let that care move to caution or fear. I will have to reflect on this, and rebuild what was lost. To rebuild the attitude, the freedom, to DO IT. And, the enjoyment in the challenge of doing it well, very well! I need to apply this to everything I am engaging in now, the martial arts, interpreting, writing, culture, philosophy, history, etc. It’s time to make some movement. Slide, and don’t stop!

You are in my thoughts,

The Solitary Interpreter

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A lost mind and a rogue scholar.
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