Moonlight White

Saturday, 23 January, 2016

The following text was originally in Chinese, printed on the paper wrapping of the Moonlight White Pu’er tea cake, shown in the photograph.

Moonlight White

Moonlight White


Moonlight White also known as Moonlight Beauty


It is also known as Moonlight White Tea, or Moonlight Tea,


It is a speciality among Pu’er Tea. The history of it’s name is quite particular…


In the crafting of this tea, it is necessary to be under the bright and clear moonlight, to pluck the tender buds


for the raw material, and then, from the point of picking, to the final processing, throughout all of the steps there can be absolutely no contact with sunlight.

而仅在月光下慢慢晾干, 且采茶着均为当地美貌年轻的少女,

The leaves are allowed only to dry slowly under the moonlight, and the tea pickers are all local, young and beautiful women.


This is how the name “Moonlight Beauty” was acquired. The finished tea product is thus:the surface of the leaf is black, and the back of the leaf is white,

Loose Moonlight White

Loose Moonlight White


One side yin, one side yang, black and white, the alternating sides of the leaf buds appear as sparkling white down, like the curved brilliance of the moon.


One bud and two leaves as a whole look like the brilliant moon in the blackness of night, thus acquiring the name “Moonlight White.”

The Moon

The Moon


Sweet and fragrant, like a fresh green, but deep and smooth, with the life of a pu’er.

The Solitary Interpreter

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