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Saturday, 21 September, 2014

Dear Reader,

The skies are more blue this morning. I prefer the fog and mist, but I can work in either.

In my last letter I informed you of the tests I have been taking with the Department of Health and Social Services in Washington State. The written test requires at least 127 out of 150 points to pass. On the 19th of June, 2013 I scored 114 points, failing my first attempt. Later that year, the 18th of December, I tested again, scoring 129 points, passing. As stated in my previous letter, I took the oral test on the 11th of September, this year. I am awaiting my results, but have already scheduled a retake in the likely event of not passing.

There are some people, perhaps many, who work full time jobs – that is, occupations to occupy one’s time in order make money with which to purchase the goods one ought to make on one’s own – while attending vocational school, in order to enter into a better job, presumably for the purpose of ameliorating their life-style. I, on the other hand, work a full time job while simultaneously teaching a vocational program. I teach the subject, and attend the class; I design the curriculum and write the text book; I assign the homework and, after I complete it, I correct it; I am the academic counsellor and financial advisor. How I find time to cook, eat, and converse is beyond my comprehension; and, I fear, if I attempt to comprehend it, I may find it actually impossible.

Then, when that is all done, I go to work; and, at work, I am the philosopher, for eight meagre hours, five days a week. I read literature and philosophy, and dabble in history. I take notes, and write books. I sit, stand, and pace, and circumambulate thirty-six levels of thought, and do psychoanalysis of the vagrant and the deranged. And what makes them different from myself: their elevation remains at ground level.

With love and respect,

The Solitary Interpreter

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